Teppanyaki Table Top Grills

Since part of the reason for buying an electric barbecue is to be able to grill food regardless of the weather, I feel that Teppanyaki style cooking should be included in these reviews. Although intended for indoor use, they are just as happy outdoors if the weather is good and they're protected from the wind. As they have quite large surface areas it will always be beneficial to get the higher wattage models.

You're probably aware that 'Teppanyaki' is a Japanese word that simply refers to the cooking of food on a hot metal plate.

Vivo 2000 Watt Electric Teppanyaki Grill

This vivo 2000 watt model is one of the most popular ones around right now. Typically scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars which for a product that is currently available for under £30 can't be bad.

The large 46cms by 26cms cooking area leaves plenty of space to cook for several people at once. You can get a better idea of the size by looking at the eggs and burgers in the picture to the left.

The adjustable 2 kilowatt heating element gives even heat distribution and the useful drip tray makes cleaning the non stick surface easy.

Another great use for these grills is that they can be used at dinner parties as a centre piece to keep food warm and a 'picking' station for guests that want to help themselves.

Vivo Electric Teppanyaki Large Table Top Grill including 8 Spatulas 2000 Watts

Andrew James 1800 watt Teppanyaki GrillAndrew James 1800 Watt Teppanyaki Griddle

I have to admit that this is one of my favourite Teppanyaki grills. As usual AJ has a design that works well. I'd love to have one on our boat, but it is a bit too big at approx. 2 feet by 1 foot. It is however perfect in the home or outside on the patio.

I know from my own experience that this grill works and I love the fact that it has the classic griddle for line searing meat as well as the 1/3 flat area that is good for eggs and pancakes etc.

The non stick surface and remote drip tray combine to make cleaning easy. Usually all the top surface requires is wiping over with damp kitchen roll. The adjustable heat control can used to suit whatever you are cooking. Overall, a great piece of kit.

The following link is to the Andrew James Range of Teppanyaki grills. I've done this because I know that many people use their phones and similar devices to view these pages. by keeping links to a minimum I hope to reduce page loading times.

Amazon.co.uk Link to the Andrew James Range of Teppanyaki Grills

VovShef Teppanyaki 2000w Grill

VonShef 2000 Watt Electric Teppanyaki Grill

I couldn't not include this little beauty. It shares the same general features of the other Teppanyakis shown on this page (apart from the griddle surface on the Andrew James unit) but is a fraction of the price.

Price is not generally the best indication of quality I know, but there is one sure fire way to get a better idea of this product. Take a look at the more than 250 Amazon customer reviews - 200 five star and more than thirty 4 stars.

With a cooking area of 43cms. by 22cms. It is plenty big enough for family dining. However, if you want a centre piece for a dinner party table they also do an XL version at 70cms. long and an XXL at 90cms. long! The link below is to the Teppanyaki in the picture. If you want a larger unit use this same link and the search box on the Amazon page

VonShef Electric Teppanyaki Style Table Grill 2000 Watts From Amazon.co.uk

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