The Severin Electric BBQ and Grill Range


Severin Electric Grills are hugely respected around the world. Manufactured in Germany they are  extremely well made and offer excellent value for money.

The factory offers at least 17 different models of BBQ grill in Europe. The range comes in various sizes and power ratings. The smallest units are a very useful and convenient 851 square centimetres, with other units at 975 - 1066 - 1145 and 1179 square centimetres. They are also supplied at 4 different power ratings, 1.6KW - 2.2KW - 2.3KW and 2.5 kilowatts.

The 1.6 kilowatt units are most suited to indoor (or very sheltered) use. The higher powered grills will happily perform either indoors or outdoors with due regard for weather conditions.

The Severin PG1511 pictured above is the unit we're going to review here. It's an 851 square centimetre unit powered by 2,300 watts. It is mid priced at around £34 including free delivery. The following basic details are common through the full range.

º A removable water tray allow for easy after use cleaning

º Low odour and smoke production

º Chrome plated grill wires

º Removable grill and heating element.

º Micro safety switch

º Variable thermostat

º Pilot light

The following video is of the very similar model PG2786 standing in temporarily for my more up to date review video of the PG 1511 featured above.

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Lightweight, at only 2.4 kgs and a cooking surface of 37cms by 23 cms, this grill is relatively small. However, it is large enough for plenty of sausages and burgers or enough steak for a small family. Clearly, in a family BBQ situation, the enphasis is on 'relaxed' rather than 'deadlines. Take a look at my video review below for a better idea of what's possible with this unit.


Here is Amazons Range of Severin Electric BBQ Grills in the UK

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