George Foreman 15 Portion Grill

George Foreman Indoor and Outdoor Grill

This is the George Foreman 15 portion indoor and outdoor electric grill. As most people are aware, George Foreman was world famous as a champion professional boxer. In his fighting days it was essential that he ate high quality nutritious  food. It is from this original standpoint that he got involved in food technology and science. This ultimately led to his famous 'Lean, Mean, Fat Reducing Grilling Machine'. This is more than just a catch phrase. Electric grilling of this type vastly reduces the amount of fat in your food which of course makes it much healthier and less fattening.

This grill is big! The cooking area is a huge 240 square inches or 1,500 square centimetres. To put this into context this equates to a cooking area of approx. 44 cms. or 17 inches diameter. You can get a lot of food on this barbecue grill.

The whole grill is powered with a very handy and adjustable 2.4 kilowatt heating element. Importantly, the unit also has a domed lid with built in temperature gauge. This is very useful for both keeping heat in, therefore reducing cooking times, and making you aware of the actual temperature being achieved inside. The power cord is almost 8 feet long.

The cooking area is easily removed for cleaning, as is the oil collection container. In cooking, oils and fats run down the ridged surface and drop through into the slide in container for later disposal. A tip here is to pour a little hot water into the container before use.

The barbecue stand supplied with the barbecue grill is quite sturdy, but if you want to cook without it, it is removable.

All in all the George Foreman Inside Outside Electric Barbecue Grill is a good piece of kit. Big enough to feed family and friends. Well worth taking a look.


George Foreman Inside / Outside Electric Barbecue Grill From

I have listed the ebay listing as 'occasional' because the listing is not there all of the time


This following grill and griddle is a piece of magic. I love this. More than 500 reviews on Amazon with almost 425 five stars - AND as cheap as chips!


George Foreman Grill and GriddleGeorge Foreman 18603 10 Portion Grill and Griddle

 George Foreman have really hit the jackpot with this feature packed Grill and Griddle. As well as the well known clamp grill(which can be used with the lid open by the way) there is also the larger flat griddle plate. Pretty unique is the independent  temperature control, so you can have high heat for grilling and more gentle heat for fried eggs on the griddle.

As you would expect, the grill lid is on floating hinges to allow for thick or uneven cuts of meat or maybe bread, and separate collection of cooking oils to make cleaning easy. Talking about oils and fats, in common with the rest of the George Foreman range you can expect to reduce the fat content in many foods by more than 40%. So healthy too.

The cooking surface are non-stick so you should avoid using metal tools on these surfaces.

The complete grill / griddle combo is rated at a maximum 2,180 watts, a very healthy level of heat for a cooker that measures overall a generous 57cms. by 33cms.

Take a look at the Amazon link and read the independent reviews, you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

George Foreman 18603 Ten portion Grill and Griddle From (currently less than £50 with free delivery in the UK!)

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