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The Rise and Rise of the Electric BBQ

Having been involved in the world of outdoor cooking for many years, it initially came as a bit of a shock to me to realise that the fastest growing sector in barbecuing in this country is in fact, the electric barbecue grill. Given the vagaries of our climate and the busy lives we lead, it perhaps should not be so surprising that people are choosing the quick convenience of electric.

Charcoal and gas powered units are always going to be popular, but there is a new kid on the block, and he's safe to bring indoors...

In our reviews we're going to look at the pros and cons of many different types and models and will be adding Youtube content as we shoot it.

Increasingly popular are the new range of Teppanyaki grills. Though these are primarily meant for indoor use, many are being used outdoors too. We'll be taking a close look at these and will be asking for your comments.

All of the grills featured here have several things in common

  • Electric grilling reduces the fat content of food
  • It's very easy to use and control
  • Much easier to avoid the 'burnt black, raw inside' syndrome common with charcoal grilling
  • Inexpensive grills that are cheap to run
  • No last minute panic shopping for charcoal or gas bottle
  • Can be used indoors if the weather turns bad
  • Very 'newbie' friendly
The list goes on, but above all, even if you are a die hard charcoal expert, electricity provides a back stop if things go wrong.









photo credit: Shish Kebab via photopin (license)